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50 pages of minimalist budget planner printables
Minimalist Budget Planner Bundle Printable

Minimalist Budget Planner Bundle Printable

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Are you sick and tired of feeling stressed out about money, fretting over the rising cost of living, worried about paying your bills, or praying that your debt would just disappear?

Maybe you have big hopes and plans for the future, like buying your dream home, sending your kids to a great college, or traveling the world, but you feel lost and don’t know where to start to make your dreams a reality.

If that sounds like you, this 50-page digital and printable Minimalist Budget Bundle is here to help!

This budget planner is based on the strategies and systems my CPA husband and I used to escape poverty, pay off $250,000 of debt in five years, save up to 70% of our income, and move to Europe to buy our dream home!

This easy-to-use budget bundle is your one-stop shop to help you create the rich minimalist lifestyle of your dreams. Everything you need to save more money, pay off debt, budget, track your savings, and achieve your biggest money goals. 

This Budgeting Bundle includes:

  • 12 Monthly Budget Planner printables (January - December)
  • 12 Monthly Expense Tracker worksheets (January - December) 
  • 7-day No Spend Challenge
  • 30-Day No Spend Challenge
  • No Spend Challenge Instruction Manual
  • 52-Week Money Challenge
  • Debt Payoff Tracker
  • Debt Thermometer
  • Savings Jar Tracker 
  • $1,000 Emergency Fund Tracker
  • $10,000 Emergency Fund Tracker
  • Personal Savings Goal Tracker [Blank]
  • 30-Day Minimalist Shopping List
  • Cheatsheet to Stop Impulse Buying
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • SMART Goal Planner
  • Minimal Daily Planner
  • Money Journal
  • Resale Tracker (to make extra money selling clutter)
  • Donation Tracker (to keep track of donations for tax purposes)
  • Money Mindset Map
  • Set of 9 Money Affirmation Cards to harness the Law of Attraction
  • 5 x Aesthetic Cash Envelopes + 1 Set of Inserts

**Please note that this is an instant digital download, and nothing will be shipped to you upon purchase.

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